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Default Cheesecake, Not Don Y's 5 hour

On 5/18/2016 7:21 AM, HerHusband wrote:
I usually eat a decent breakfast, a smallish lunch, a reasonable dinner,
and a snack or two in the evening.

If we go out for breakfast, I usually overeat and can easily skip lunch and
sometimes even dinner.

The idea of eating ANYTHING within about 4 hours of rising is *so*
unappealing! So, if SWMBO wants a shared meal, it's either supper
or she's got to find a day when I've got to be awake early
(doctor's appointment, etc.). E.g., she wants the meal I had
planned for last night's supper as today's lunch. So, she made
a point of making sure I was awake this morning :

("punishment" for not making the meal last night?? : )

As I'm not fond of that meal, I'll coast through it in
anticipation of beef w/broccoli tonight!

The real risk is that I may forget to eat supper and find myself
having spent an entire day without any "food".