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Default Cheesecake, Not Don Y's 5 hour

In the past, I'd tried putting
toothpicks in the pieces to hold a layer of saran wrap off of
their tops. This didn't work. Hence the idea of letting the BOX
protect them and just wrapping the entire box!

If its "traveling far", then the box sits in the very bottom of the
freezer chest for a few days before "delivery".

As the packing box isn't really air tight (despite wrapping it with
foil and saran wrap), its not suitable for long term storage.
So, when I make one for SWMBO, I move the pieces into small Tupperware
containers (e.g., 4 to a 6-in-sq container).

The reason for wrapping the box or the air-tight tupperware is to
have a place where the pieces can thaw without letting moisture
condense out of the surrounding air onto the pieces. Esp important
in monsoon when the relative humidity is so high -- "wet" cheesecake?