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Default Cheesecake, Not Don Y's 5 hour

That's essentially just a block of cream cheese :

Hey, it's got sugar in it...

I "thin" the cream cheese with heavy cream, sour cream or milk
(depending on the Rx i am targeting). This makes for a "lighter"
product -- one that folks seem eager to go for seconds or thirds
(a NY-style cake seems to be a "self-limiting" proposition -- one
slice is usually enough).

One of the best cheesecakes I've ever eaten was a bourbon cheesecake at a
local restaurant. Rich and creamy, no cracks, not doughy but not some
wimpy fluffy cake either. I don't know what their secret was, but it was
amazing. Ironically we weren't impressed with the restaurant otherwise
and haven't been back since.

The WORST cheesecake was given to us as a gift. I don't know where they
bought it but it tasted like sawdust and flour. Absolutely disgusting. Of
course, we still ate it all.

I'm not fond of cheese (unless melted on a pizza or grated over "red
sauce". Cream cheese is perhaps the most disgusting -- it just looks
like a giant block of slimey FAT! (I buy the 3 pound blocks from

I never liked cheese until I met my wife. Her family was very low income
and would get 5 pound blocks of cheese from the food banks. So they ate a
lot of cheese. When I met my wife she would cut some up into slices and
start chewing. I'm like "you are just going to EAT it"? Up till then I
had only had cheese IN things (pizza, grilled cheese sandwich, etc.).

These days we eat all things cheese, especially pepper jack, smoked
gouda, or any of the specialty cheeses. We enjoy seeking out unique
cheese and giving them a try. I still don't care for any of the "moldy"
cheeses like bleu cheese or roquefurt.

Asiago on bread or seafood pasta is amazing.

A typical Friday movie night almost always includes a glass of red wine,
cheese, and crackers.

I made some brownies for a neighbor. Daughter came walking out of the
house eating one: "Did you make these from scratch?" (is there any
other way??) "Wow! My mom has NEVER made them from scratch!" Her Mom
didn't look too pleased at that!

My sister-in-law is big on prepackaged foods. I can't stand the stuff.
Brownies, pasta sauces, etc. should ALWAYS be made from scratch!

Anthony Watson