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Default bye-bye land line telephone

On 5/11/2016 6:19 PM, Mike Duffy wrote:
Other advice is to REALLY MAKE SURE that the cordless units are the same,
i.e. I took great pains to ensure that my 2nd set of cordless Panasonic
phones corresponded to the same electronic 'standard', but the new ones
don't fit into the old charging bases, not even as required to 'mate' the
handset to the radio ID of the base, let alone charge the batteries. So I
have to remember which handsets go into which charging bases. (Actually, I
don't. I just try whatever handset needs charging into a succession of
bases until I find one that fits...)

Even this can go wrong!

My folks picked up two sets of "dual handset" units. In short
order, NONE of them were working! Seems they really wanted to be
recharged in the same place that they were initially "paired".
You couldn't just stick them into any place that *seemed*

I ended up having to put colored dots on each handset and base/charger
so they would know where each one "belonged".

Our current cordless set allows you to type in a name for the
phone (e.g., Kitchen, Living Room, etc.). While not essential, one
of the "speakerphones" has failed (and I am too lazy to take the
flimsy plastic thing apart to figure out why!). So, we are
careful about where we leave that handset "charging".