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Default Home Phone Wiring Repair

On 05/03/2016 07:12 PM, Cosmic Dot wrote:
So it's 4 days later and it's been raining. Now the phone has dial tone with EXTREME static. I didn't report it yet because I think it might be strike related, and I doubt they'll fix it during the strike anyway. So I'll wait to see what happens if it dries out in a few days or a week. If the DSL goes down
I'll report it immediately.
Fine. Keep a speculative wild goose chase going on the internet, instead
of putting in a service call to Verizon to fix what's almost certainly
their problem.

They're on strike. They're not going to fix this during the strike.

You're right, I wouldn't expect management to know which end of a screwdriver to use but at least call it in and get on their waiting list.