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Default Home Phone Wiring Repair

On 04/29/2016 02:37 PM, wrote:


The OP is long gone. He has figured out it is not his problem. The DSL
works and there is no dial tone at that spot. That means the wiring is
working. If it was shorted, it would ring busy and if it was open, the
DSL would not work.

I suggested a PARTIAL short or open, that passes some frequencies but
not others. It responds differently to phone (up to about 3KHz) and DSL
(10KHz and up).

He is where Verison is on strike so I suspect those good old boy,
union workers, sabotaged the CO on their way out.
Management or the scabs should be able to fix the problem tho.
These days it might just be a keyboard trick.

That sounds likely.

BTW, I had Verizon phone for a few years, then switched to cable
(Suddenlink) because of the consistently poor quality lines.

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