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Default Home Phone Wiring Repair

well verizon should install a NID for free.......

EXCEPT if your in a FIOS served area..

My great aunts phone quit working so I went over to take a look.

phone line dead.

main drop cable cracked we had a lot of rain.

the phone tech showed up and said he would install FIOS.

my aunt had no interest in fios anything.

So i told the tech no problem she doesnt want FIOS. since I had a 3 month misery trying to get mine working. I KID YOU NOT IT WAS FINALLY TRACED TO A BAD ROUTER IN THE CO.

I said please just replace the copper drop. he reported he isnt allowed to do that.......

he got on the phone and argued with his boss who said FIOS only.

I got on the phone with the techs boss, I said please give me your name or ID number, teresa is going to straightalk today but we will send the president of verizon your name and id. so management knows why you lost another customer.....

the replacement copper line was replaced, and her phone is still working fine, years later.

verizon road techs are awesome, their phone support sucks.

i had so much fios hassles i demanded they remove my unused copper drop and all the fios garbage. they refused so i threatened to put a large banner in my yard VERIZON FIOS SUCKS.

They removed everything