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Default Dimming lights

On 3/29/2016 8:05 AM, GARYWC wrote:
During the last three weeks, SOME of the lights in my living room, den and
bathrooms become dim at times and are normal at other times. (None of the
light bulbs in those fixtures have burned out).

Chances are, these are on more than one circuit (unless you have a VERY
old home). But, that would be the first thing to check -- along with
what *else* might be on that same circuit (e.g., if you've got a wall
outlet and someone has a clothes iron plugged in, you'll probably see
something like that as the iron's heating element switches on and
off thermostatically).

Next, see if they are on the same "leg" (a bit harder to do without
knowing what your load center looks like).

I.e., what do they have in common.

This condition does NOT seem to affect lights in other rooms, TVs,
computers, appliances and other electrical devices.

Are all of the lights in question incandescent? TV's, computers and other
electrical devices have different power conditioning and compensate for
minor line variations. Incandescent lamps are "raw loads" so you "see"
every glitch in the power.

Might this problem be with:

the city's power supply

Unlikely unless these are all on the same leg and you have a large
local imbalance (usually, ~4 homes are fed from a single transformer
so the problem would need to manifest within this grouping)

the service panel

Possibly a loose connection

the individual circuit breaker(s)

Also possible -- if the loads are on the *same* breaker (unlikely for
two breakers to fail simultaneously)

the wires between the circuit breaker and the affected lights

Also possible. E.g., if all loads connect to one breaker and that
connection has a high resistance joint somewhere along its length)

the specific light fixtures or ???

Unlikely if you are seeing this on multiple fixtures/lamps