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Andy Cuffe
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Default imac shuts down after power on

Laurence Dishman wrote:

You can get a normal image on the monitor - Good - that indicates that
the hardware is functioning normally. But the software doesn't seem
to hold the settings - Hmmmmmm - Try patching the Apple Open Firmware.
There's probably an update at the site.

I replaced several high ESR caps on the CRT board, went into the
adjustment utility and changed all the setting by at least one value to
force it to update all EEPROM settings and then I updated the firmware.
So far it seems to be working properly again. I'm not sure why, but I
think the firmware update was what fixed it. I can't imagine why this
would be the case though. It had an up to date firmware version for the
OS installed and it would have been impossible to do a firmware update
normally because it went into ABL shutdown unless the screen control was
turned way down. My only guess is that the firmware became corrupted.
The owner said it happend when he installed some software. A virus

Thanks for everyone's suggestions.

Andy Cuffe