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Andy Cuffe
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Default imac shuts down after power on

Dbowey wrote:

baltimore posted:
I know it's a hardware problem. It never gets far enough to detect the
hard drive, or even have the monitor warm up. I suspect that the
monitor/power supply is at fault.

Tell us what it does do. Do you hear the startup chimes? Then what?

What model Mac? What system do you have installed? Do you have a startup CD?
Have you checked the battery? My old 638 CDV failed to start when the battery

Is your "" Portland State? If yes, I could loan you a startup disk and
some help. I have a copy of every Mac System since 6.0.4.


See my original post. The start up chime is normal, then about 5
seconds later (before the monitor warms up), the hard drive stops and
the HV shuts off. The power light stays green, but dims slightly. The
battery measures 3.6v. It's not my computer, so I can't say what's
installed, or how the problem started. It can't be software because it
does the same thing with the hard drive unplugged. Looks like a power
supply problem to me, but everything looks good until it partially shuts

I'm at Penn State and have access to copies of the OS.
Andy Cuffe