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Default Looking for a Pioneer DV 434 (DVD) service Manual or Help!

Well that sucks, Thanks for your help I was hoping it would be something
simple. One more question, why does it only seem to do it at the outer
edge of the disk? If the laser was deteriorated laser why not on the whole
disc why just 1/2" from the end of the disc. Thanks for all your time!


"Mark D. Zacharias" wrote in message
Actually, could be even more than 140.00


"Mark D. Zacharias" wrote in message
It's THE classic symptom of a deteriorated laser pickup on a DVD player.

I'd have to look up the part price, and there's a difference between

servicer would pay for the part, and the "retail" price a private

would pay. Then there's labor to install and set up

Could be more than the cost of a new one. Maybe 130.00 to 140.00.

Mark Z.