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Default Continuing Work on Deck

Yes, depending on the choice of wood too.
8 x8 are large posts and not kiln dried, and probably pressure treated.
They will warp. They are more than likely heart wood.
Center of tree, thus the warp issue.

"Casper" wrote in message

Poured Concrete today, and ready to set girders and joists.

I only know a little about deck building but really enjoy watching
what gets done on these projects. It is very educational and
entertaining. One day I would like to have a deck and wanted to thank
you for the education and great ideas.

Btw.. Is it normal for 8x8 posts to warp/curve within a few weeks
after installation? A friend had a tall deck built last year and at
least two of the support posts are seriously curved and coming away
from the wall of his house. His builder said that is normal. I didn't
think coming away from the wall over an inch in a month or two would
be normal, but I'm no expert.