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Default Continuing Work on Deck

On 2/5/2013 8:19 AM, Casper wrote:
Poured Concrete today, and ready to set girders and joists.

I only know a little about deck building but really enjoy watching
what gets done on these projects. It is very educational and
entertaining. One day I would like to have a deck and wanted to thank
you for the education and great ideas.

Btw.. Is it normal for 8x8 posts to warp/curve within a few weeks
after installation? A friend had a tall deck built last year and at
least two of the support posts are seriously curved and coming away
from the wall of his house. His builder said that is normal. I didn't
think coming away from the wall over an inch in a month or two would
be normal, but I'm no expert.

It is "normal" in the sense that lumber moves as it dries.

The question on if it is a problem revolves around an investigation into
whether the movement of the posts has interfered with:

1. The post's job of providing the necessary "support" required.

2. The visible aspect of the design.

The first is empirical, the second can be subjective according to who is
doing the observing.

A conscientious builder, _with participation by the homeowner_, will at
least attempt rectify the first, particularly if there are contributing
circumstances beyond the builder's control, including wood movement.

Pretty much the same for the second, with beauty being in the eye of the

It's tough buying good pressure treated posts these days.

One can look at the end grain and try to chose posts for
critical/visible applications, with a better chance of longer lasting

Most 8' PT posts are "peeler core" (centered growth rings on the end
grain), will not absorb the pressure treatment as well, and are more
prone to warping.

Best practice in posts that must perform critical duty is probably to
buy longer posts and cut them to size ... most of the longer lengths are
not peeler core posts .. so check that endgrain when buying posts, or
selecting them from a stack for critical application.

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