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Default Wood Floor Question/Agree with Acclimation

On 12/13/2012 1:37 PM, Mike Marlow wrote:
jloomis wrote:
When it comes to vapor barriers and concrete.
I agree.
My friend ran Sandy Pond Hardwoods, and actually manufactured wood
flooring. He has 30 years experience in installation, hardwoods,
laminate, etc. He was very careful to let me know that it was not
So, I do understand our reasoning in acclimation, and then from an
experienced floor person,
I get yet another opinion. hummmmmmm
I was actually hoping to get some work prior to Christmas......
Well, now that I got the pro's and con's, I have made up my mind to
let the floor acclimate, and work
after Christmas.

Be very careful who/what you consider to be the "pros" here. There are far
more non-pros here than there are pros.

John is likely one of the very few pro's here.

Even within the ranks of the pros,
there is far less factual information behind their recommendations than real
fact. On the other hand - there are those who have detemined some best
practices, and share those - complete with consdierations that may or may
not apply to your location. Be wary of the "experts" that attempt to simply
throw out an answer.

I give you +1 for this and another +1 for your previous answer. However,
I'm deducting 2 points for yellin at John for posting a picture that
actually did contain a tree, and not one post on this topic contained a
picture of anything tree related or not. No, now that I think about it
I'm deducting 3 points for that, so you are down 1:-)

As far as acclimation, I agree with the guy that manufactured and
installed floors for 30+ years, and more over, would ask, acclimate to
what? Winter? Summer, air on, air off? Exposed to sun, in the shade,
what exactly? I would worry more about where it was made, dried and
stored (rain forest/desert/down the road a bit) than if I left it alone
for a few days. Solid wood will move finished or not, so install with
that in mind.

Moreover moreover, I've installed two prefinished floors in my life, did
not acclimate anything on purpose, and had no problems. I also don't
acclimate anything I make in my wood shop, on purpose. Slow as I am,
acclimation usually occurs w/o intent, but the emc changes with the
weather any way. So who would you believe, me, or a
manufacturer/installer that is a friend?

If it were me and I had other work I wanted to do first, I'd acclimate,
if not, I would take the professional friends advice and get it on.

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