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Default 12v vs 115v hydraulic power units and hydraulic semi trailers

On 2012-04-30, Pete C. wrote:

Jon Elson wrote:

Ignoramus25949 wrote:

I have a 12v hydraulic power unit similar to this one:

The application (what I am trying to accomplish) is to operate this
hydraulic beavertail semi trailer:

When OI think about using this pump, I become concerned that it is
operated by a starter-type 12v motor and is desighed for pick-up truck
liftgates or snowplows, that is, very intermittent duty.

The motor may look similar to a car starter, but is designed for
hydraulic pump service. You'd certainly get in trouble using it
for real continuous duty, but I'd think running it for several minutes
would not cause overheating.

According to the specs I've found, standard duty cycle versions are
24sec on in 5min, and the extended duty ones are 39sec on in 5min.
Several min under full load and they're melting.

Would not work for me...