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Default 12v vs 115v hydraulic power units and hydraulic semi trailers

"Ignoramus25949" wrote in

And all those surplus things at these surplus centers have some
flaws that make them somehow unusable for normal applications.
is why they ended up at those surplus centers, cannot be sold
normal channels)


They may have an involute splined shaft that you can't find a pulley
or coupler for, and have to make it like I did.

The replacement keyed shaft hydraulic pump I bought from Bailey's for
$80 has been OK so far.

The 11 GPM log splitter pumps take a 5 HP gas engine.

You could monitor the 12V pump with an infrared thermometer and an
ammeter while you made tests. I modified a battery charger into an
adjustable 12V supply and used it to check out the HF 12V bilge pump
yesterday. I bought the pump to water my lawn from the rain barrels.
It doesn't seem to mind a high back pressure and flow restriction.