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Default 12v vs 115v hydraulic power units and hydraulic semi trailers

On Sun, 29 Apr 2012 22:20:11 -0500, Ignoramus25949

On 2012-04-30, Larry Jaques wrote:
I like #3 a lot, but what about a #4?

4) Mount a small gas engine and hyd pump with reservoir, creating a
local power unit usable anywhere? Cheaper than #3?

HF for the littlest Predator engine ($119), Burden Surplus for the
pump and valving ($250, 2spl DA), and maybe a tank, if you don't weld
up your own. engine 15.5gpm pump (7x
faster than the 12v model)

Plus filters, belts, pulleys, mountings etc

Direct mount the pump to the engine, no belts or pulleys needed.

In my experience, such projects end up very expensive and time
consuming. Plus I do not trust HF engines, but I do trust Honda.

Grok that. I saw that you already have the genset and power head,
so make sure to document it. I'd like to see it when you're done.

And all those surplus things at these surplus centers have some fatal
flaws that make them somehow unusable for normal applications. (which
is why they ended up at those surplus centers, cannot be sold through
normal channels)

I thought they were just NOS overages and misbuys by companies.

I am not trying to be difficult, just stating my past experience. Say,
this hydraulic pump's description says "pump to operate hydraulic
wheel motors on zero turn radius equipment applications including
turf, light construction and other mobile equipment". What exactly it
means, I am not sure, but it makes me slightly suspicious of whether
this is a general purpose pump.

I haven't bought much from Burden, but everything I have has worked.
No hyd, though.

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