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Default the importance of truly clean contacts

On Wed, 11 Apr 2012 16:23:26 -0700, "William Sommerwerck"

In my case, the opposite is true. The charger plug got shmutzik, the
connector remained clean.

Very unusual. On the 18 pin connectors, I see mostly dirt in the
phone connector and breakage in the charger connector.

That wasn't what I was talking about, but I appreciate your filling in the
details. Good to know

Note that all that applies to the older 18 pin connectors and similar
mutations. The industry has gone to the micro-USB-B connector as the
standard power supply connector. Unfortunately, the receptacle end in
the phone is usually quite flimsy and easily broken. In addition, the
connector on the end of the charger end is easily contaminated with
dirt, but lacks any easy way to clean out the dirt. Immersion in some
insolvent often helps, but not always. With the new, standardized,
and allegedly improved micro-USB-B connector, I now see more
intermittents and "cannot charge" problems than with the older
connectors. The previous mini-USB-B connector was somewhat better.

DeOxit comes pretty close to being a "magic" cleaner. It does most of the

There seem to be various mutations of DeOxit and Cramolin floating
around. The one that worries me is the original, which contains oleic
acid. That's great for removing oxides and corrosion, but not so good
as it's mildly corrosive to copper. I use it on exposed contacts, but
not inside cavities, where it can't be washed out.

Well, this phone is slightly less than six years old. Sprint (or Samsung) is
legally obliged to deal with it. I have no desire for an upgrade.

Memory fault. I as somewhat off on the age.

My Palm T3 PDA was purchased at Christmas, 2003. Except for a new battery
(replaced in January, 2012), it's working perfectly. Why should I get a new
one (or a smartphone) if this one meets my needs?

No reason as long as it's working. However, if it fails for some
reason, you might balance the cost or repair or replacement with
another used antique, against the purchase of a new PDA/Smartphone
with more features. Incidentally, I think I have a T3 in my pile

Part of the issue is that huge pile of electronic trash generated when
products become "obsolete" so soon after their introduction.

Yep. That's why I fix them and resell them. I'm not getting rich on
this, but I like doing it. Oh, if you're curious, it's now:
computah, network, appliance, cell phone, sewing machine, power tool,
TV, and 2-way radio repair. Indecision is the key to flexibility, or
was that the other way around?

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