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Default Washing machine info ...

"klem kedidelhopper" wrote in message
On Mar 29, 8:23 pm, "Arfa Daily" wrote:
Anyone know of a free site UK-side, that archives service info for
appliances ? My Hotpoint WMA64 washing machine has gone belly up today.
motor doesn't run on wash, rise or spin. Probably just motor brushes, but
the motor is right underneath, and I didn't have time to prat about with
today. A basic wiring diagram might be handy, if it turns out to be not
directly related to the motor itself


I don't know how it is in the UK but over here Hotpoint is made by GE.
Being a former GE employee I've owned many GE appliances and have
always found a small package tucked in somewhere with service
information. This usually includes a schematic as well. Look for a
small envelope of some kind. With the schematic you'll be able to see
the segments on the timer, (hopefully it's a mechanical one) and then
be able to troubleshoot it. Good luck, Lenny

Hi Lenny. Not sure who actually makes them now. It used to be Hotpoint
themselves. I seem to think that they had a factory over in Wales, but I
could be wrong about that. I've owned this machine for quite some time, and
there is definitely no schematics or other info anywhere inside it. The
programmer is actually fully electronic, and is the driver board as well,
but at least it's not mounted anywhere to get wet, as some of the earlier
drive boards were.

The problem is actually the motor brushes, so I have some on order from the
Hotpoint online service site, where they are half the price of other online
suppliers. I used to be able to get them from a little domestic appliance
shop and service centre here in the village where I live, but the guy who
ran it has retired, and it is now his wife and daughter's dog grooming

Brushes should arrive today, so hopefully get them fitted in. Starting to
run short of clean clothes ... !