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Default OT - Computing question!

Jeff Liebermann wrote:
On Sat, 07 Jan 2012 13:23:25 -0800, Jeff

Anyway, what I'm guessing was happening was that whomever was in
control of the domain, was using URL redirection to point to other web
sites. This is a feature provided by almost all domain registry

I forgot the requisite Wikipedia link:

Thanks for your help Jeff. I was reading at the wiki link earlier today.

I posted here because I've been reading many of the discussions and like
the way the folk here conduct themselves. That was after I'd asked about
TV aerial problems some weeks ago and got some very helpful responses.

I'll come back and study what you said in detail tomorrow - it's late
here and I'm rather tired. I'm interested in the fact that 'someone'
wasn't happy with you using the domain!

I found it ( here btw -

"Click *here* and read the pathetic personal homepage of Chung Y. Chow."