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Default Acceptable ply

Yea I knew that ply has its problems... but come on sticking luan in a
baltic / finnish pack.. BTW the face has many filled voids with that
nice beautiful filler. Not what I would expect again from baltic/finnish
birch. Nor would I expect the voids..

On 11/2/2011 8:56 PM, Swingman wrote:
On 11/2/2011 7:35 PM, tiredofspam wrote:
I went to woodcraft to pick up the baltic/finnish ply bundle they have
on sale for 19.99.

I figured I couldn't lose, and I haven't, but I didn't get what I
expected. In it was a piece of luan, and 2 pieces of cheap ply .
The finnish ply has voids and a very wierd overlap. Overall I probably
got my monies worth, but when they advertise baltic and finnish you
expect that, not substitutes.

See their ad.

You're tired of spam, I'm tired of being scammed.

With plywood these days, it you don't inspect it in person, buy it on
the spot when you find something that will work ... and make damn sure
you buy enough to finish whatever it is you're doing, because you're
unlikely to ever find the same dimension/quality in the next batch, from
the same manufacturer ... you've shot yourself in the foot.

The 21st is the century of ******. The corporate mentality will sell you
**** for Shinola if given the chance, and they don't give a **** whether
you like it or not.

Woodcraft is not an exception. Rockler's "Baltic birch" is about as
"Baltic" as "Cooyon Duhon":