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Default Entertainment ctr finished

I have seen so many older pieces of furniture (factory made and maybe
cheaply, too) that the edging has started to peel off.

Usually it can be put back on with careful usage of a hot iron **before** it
gets caught on something and ripped or bent.

I think for a desk edge or heavy usage a 18 x 18mm edge piece may do better
but for a shelf or less friction edge the tape may be the best. For a desk
or furniture tops I always like the routed, rolled edge better, of course
and it would take more than just a veneer tape.

I guess I have my answer in the last paragraph...LOL

Thanks for the information.

"Han" wrote in message ...

Mind you, I am quite pleased with my results, but it could have been even
better. I have also done some edging with the iron-on veneer tape. While
this may be a bit less desirable in terms of wear resistance, it is quite
acceptable visually. And easier, faster and cheaper.

Best regards
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