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Default Collett slipping

On 8/31/2011 8:35 AM, Keith wrote:
Anyone run into this???

When I put a large bit in my drill press, even going very slow the bit
stops in the wood and the collet lets go from the press when I raise it
up. So...the bit (a 3 1/2 Starrett bi-metal hole saw bit) stays in the
wood. I tried another bit (A large Dewalt forstner) and same thing. The
chuck won't stay in the collet.

I turn off the press, lower the press onto the tapered piece and the bit
will lift out of the wood. I tried removing the bit and then pressing
the chuck very hard onto a piece of wood to try and set it, but it does
the same thing again.


Really difficult to understand your problem, primarily because your use
of terminology is ambivalent.

Is your drill press equipped with a chuck, or with a collet?

They are not the same thing.

If your drill press is equipped with the usual tapered chuck, which
generally has three jaws, each with a specific hole in the side to
insert the chuck key, make sure you tighten each jaw with the chuck key,
not just one. And go around more than once with problematic bits.

Drill presses commonly come with cheap chucks these days. You may want
to invest in a good one.

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