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Default Hole spacing

In article , willshak wrote:
dadiOH wrote the following:
Paul wrote:
My math skills are non existent beyond basic math, and I'm trying to
figure out how to space holes evenly along a center line in an area.
Let's say I have a rectulanglar block, 6" long ,less 1/4" on each end
for a border and I want to evenly space 6- 3/4" holes. How do you
figure that? My daughter-in-law says you can do that in one of those
cheap home design programs. That would be ideal for me. Anyone use
one of those programs that knows if they can be used for that? Thanks.

Overkill. Easy if you just draw 6 holes on a piece of paper, just basic

6 holes = 7 non-hole spaces needed

6" - (1/4 + 1/4) = 5 1/2" for holes after accounting for 2 outside non-hole

6 * 3/4 = 18/4 = 4 1/2" of space occupied by holes

5 1/2 - 4 1/2 = 1" of non-hole space of the 6 holes

1"/ 5 remaining non-hole spaces = 1/5 inch between holes.


1. Draw a horizontal line

2. Mark a hole center at 1/4 + (3/4/2) which = 5/8

3. Mark additional centers at 3/4 + 1/5 from preceding center mark

4. Drill holes

Note: with dimensions like that it is unlikely you will wind up with 1/4" as
a border for the last hole.

I hate math. :-)

The proper conclusion to draw from the above is "I hate Imperial
measurements." This problem is absolutely trivial with metric measurements
(see my other post in this thread).