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Default A good household air freshener / deoderant

"Bob-tx" No Spam no contact wrote in message
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"Cindy Hamilton" wrote in message
How cold is it where you live? Up here in Michigan, anytime it gets
up to 40 in the wintertime we're apt to open the windows for a while
and let the house air out. Maybe for just an hour or two, maybe for
half a day--depends on the wind speed.

Doesn't happen very often, granted, but at least once a month
we get a warm spell like that. Then DH says, "Let's blow the
farts out of the house!"

Cindy Hamilton

Central Texas, gets pretty cold (for us anyway) perhaps several times a
winter. I'd average is about 40 for low, high fifties for high. Gets
colder though - below freezing at least a couple times most years. Also
get warm occasionally mid to high seventies; when that happens, it is warm
enough to open the house for a little bit.


The normal approach to this problem is to eliminate the odor sources which
are not necessary to sustain life. You obviously can't eliminate food, but
you could get the livestock out of the house.

Although I don't believe fan hoods work very well, some people feel they
help. Apparently, some have charcoal filters or something. Have your carpets
& furniture cleaned. Keep the livestock off the furniture.

By the way, 40 degrees is not too cold for opening windows. The objects in
the house aren't going to get that cold in 1/2 hour.