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Default A good household air freshener / deoderant

On Jan 15, 1:49*pm, "Bob-tx" No Spam no contact wrote:
With the cold in the winter, the house doesn't get opened much and household
odors accumulate; cooking odors, doggie odors, bathroom odors, etc. *I'm
looking for some good suggestions for room deodorizers, air fresheners,
deodorants, candles, or whatever. *We have tried some of the grocery store
stuff without being very satisfied. *Some put out rather strong and nearly
objectionable odors, almost making things worse.

I'm not saying we stink (smile), we just like a fresh clean smelling house
like one gets in the springtime when doors and windows are open. *I know
that's probably not completely possible, but you see what I'm talking about.

Thanks in advance for any good ideas.


If you just want to cove-up an odor then the best deodorizer is
bamboo. eff2cb3483b33

Donít let anyone tell you itís something, else they donít know what
theyíre talking about.