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Default Completely and utterly OT - People annoy me

On Dec 8, 8:39*pm, "Pete Zahut" wrote:
Planet Rock get a day or two advanced ticket sales over Joe Public. Paul
Rodgers at Blackpool Opera House, April 2011, so I email 10 people who may
be interested. 6 say yes, get me a ticket, 3 say they can't make it and one
says it's too far ahead, I don't know what I'll be doing then. WHAT?????

I say, if you want to go, book the ticket and then if anything else crops up
later, you just say sorry, going to see Paul Rodgers that day - he's

Is it just me or is he fekkin' stoopid???????

Is he under 30? I remember in ye olden dayes before mobile phones I
used to plan my social life a week ahead - might agree to meet someone
in the George and Dragon at 7pm next Thursday, and we would both be
there (give or take ten mins). Now no one under 30 will commit to
anything more than 6 hours away, and even then there probably won't be
a definite time, you'll just text when you're nearby. Everything is
fluid. Even if you can persuade anyone to agree to something next
Thursday it will be the vaguest of commitments and is likely to be
dropped if something better comes up, or just because they forgot. No
point fighting it, that's just how people organise their lives.