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Default Touch sensitive Light switch for bathroom

"Tim Mitchell" wrote in message
In article , Owain
"John" wrote
| "dave" wrote
| Is there such a thing available as a touch sensitive light
| switch suitable for bathroom use? I hate that CUDONK of
| the pullcord!
| Try different makes of switches - some may not CUDUNK as much. Mine


Mine goes CLI-CLI-DUNK! - I think it's loose on its mounting screw,

be Next Month's Little Job.

mine goes ca-ping!! in a musical twangy sort of way. I feel a symphony
coming on here, lets sample them all...
Tim Mitchell

ROFL !!!

Like the old Morecambe and Wise sketch that went,

"Boom Oo Ra Ta Ta Tat. Are you lonesome tonight. Are your bra straps to
tight. Do your corsets keep drifting apart. Are your shoes wearing thin.
Is there gaps when you grin. I'll tell you dear, no wonder your lonesome
tonight." :-))