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Default Touch sensitive Light switch for bathroom

In uk.d-i-y, BigWallop wrote:

Is there such a thing available as a touch sensitive light switch suitable

bathroom use? I hate that CUDONK of the pullcord!

Yes, if it's fitted outside the bathroom area. In fact, any switch can be
fitted outside the bathroom area, and it is only a limited few that can be
installed within the bathroom.

While the blanket statement was true until the 16th Edn, we now have
Zones in the bathroom (that may be what BigW meant by "bathroom area").
Roughly: in and right above the bath, no steenkin' switches barring
controls on electric showers (Zone0 & Zone1); arm's reach of the bath
(Zone2), pullcords only; Zone3 (further out to 2.4m) "normal" switches
now permitted.

"Permitted" doesn't mean "brilliant idea", mind; for a touch-sensitive
switch I'd want to know how it worked (there used to be some built in
to metal lamps which gave a distinct little tingle when you touched 'em:
*not* what I want in a bathroom, and equipotential-bonding such a
switch's metal exposed-conductive-part would make it Not Work anyway!
- whereas a non-contact capacitive type would be sensible).

HTH, Stefek