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Default Drain vent

My current neighbor as well as previous owners of the house has had
trouble with intermittent drain problems in a bathroom. She and
prevvious owners have had plumbers come out and tell them there was a
venting problem and the fix would cost a couple of $k to fix. This
does not include restoring bathroom cosmetics. She had already spent
about $400 with no help. Since the plumbers had already exposed the
cleanout plug next to her bathroom I decide to see what would happen
if I connected a T to the cleaan out and run a vent pipe up the
outside of her house. Well its been a week and no problems with the
drain. She paid for the PVC parts and has agreed to watch my garden
and pets while we are away forever. New vent is on the same side of
the house with other utilities so appearance is not a problem. Can
anyone think of any problems this may cause.