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Default Suggestions for durable window well cover

willshak writes:
on 7/9/2009 4:35 PM (ET) blueman wrote the following:
I need a basement window well cover to provide protection from both
water/snow and from stray basketballs (the windows are near our
basketball hoop).

I have previously purchased the "better" quality MacCourt plastic well
covers at Lowes but despite their 10 year warranty, they tend to
shatter after a couple of winters and repeated basketball
strikes. Plus they aren't particularly nice looking or sturdy and they
don't fit that great (since they are 1 size fits all...)

So, I am looking for suggestions on how to build my own custom window
well covers.

I would like to satisfy the following design parameters:
- Keep (most) water/snow out
- Strong enough not to be damaged by basketball impact (and other
things kids do)
- Able to survive many heat/thaw cycles (New England winters &
- Let maximum light in
- Look good on an Italian mansard house
- Easy to move/remove to get access to the well but solid enough not
to be budged by snow or errant basketballs

I have been thinking of building a lean-two like frame out of 1x1 PT
wood and then cover it with Lexan.

I like your lean-to idea, but I would just get the 1/4" lexan sheets
and the appropriate lexan cement and glue the slant top to the
sides. I would also put a 2" wide lexan brace across the back top,
where the lean-to sits against the wall, for side to side strength.

I think you are right -- over the weekend I was mulling over it and
realized it would be a much neater design to eliminate the wood frame
and just have a nice transparent Lexan/plexiglass frame.

I'm now debating between using thinner (but stronger) Lexan sheets
vs. thicker Plexiglass sheets to get the same overall strength.
Plexiglass tends to be cheaper plus the thicker sheets should give a
stronger/broader glue line.

Any thoughts?

But I would love to hear alternatives plus get more detailed
suggestions on design & materials including what to use for the frame,
what to use for the skin, what fasteners, etc...


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