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Default Uncut spots with B&D electric lawnmower

On Fri, 10 Jul 2009 01:03:11 -0400, mm

My Black and Decker electric lawnmower leaves a lot of uncut spots, or
more precisely narrow strips and little round areas. 12 amps. Model
525, the model which preceded the current model 575.

I would have to guess that the strips are due to having a deck
that is wider than the cut area. You may need to overlap your cutting
a little more. The other spots I suspect are due to less "lift" of
the blade, so under certain conditions the grass may be lying flat
below the blade.

Gasoline mowers then to have more lift built into their design
to provide a more even cut. Electrics tend to have less in an effort
to get more mowing with less power consumption.