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Default Hey PETA, Screw Wildlife

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On Thu, 09 Jul 2009 16:25:49 -0700, Billy

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On Thu, 09 Jul 2009 14:56:54 -0700, Billy

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(Vladimir Tschenko Badenov) wrote:

On Thu, 9 Jul 2009 13:43:37 -0700 (PDT), ctlady

Apparently you chose to live on land where there has been wildlife and
you expect them to just move out because you are here?? It's you who
has invaded their domain. They really are not aware of property
lines. You seem to appreciate looking at them from a distance. Why
don't you just move back to the city and watch the animals in the
zoo? Leave the wildlife alone. They were thre first.

Vladimir think you are enviro-nutcake tree hugger, care more about
animal and tree than human. Original poster say that area has lots of
woods, etc. for shelter, living space. No need to encroach on
humans, to tear apart furniture. What does that have to do with
getting food and surviving? Crazy turkey, crazy deer. If human being
tried to live under your deck or violate space of person planting
flowers, you would be on phone in no time calling policemans.

As any enviro-tree hugger, such as myself, will tell you, you are not
separate from nature. If you think you are, then you are the nut case.
What the lady was suggesting was coexistence, or some concession, like a
compost pile where the raccoons could get first dibs on the watermelon
rinds, which might keep them out of your flower beds. I have raccoons
roaming my yard at night, sifting the garden mulch for food. They do
some damage but nothing I can't live with. If worse come to worse, get a
motion activated sprinkler. 'Course, you're gonna forget about it, and
get drenched;O) You're the one with the big, conceptual brain, you
should be able to think of some cooperative strategy to reduce

Oh, and don't worry, wildlife is getting screwed. Two hundred years ago,
we could live off the land, now we can't. When are YOU going to get
alarmed, when, except for the zoos, the only animals left are pets and
food animals? Our biosphere is dying, and we can only save it, one
raccoon at a time.

Hey Senator Gore,
If you think that the biosphere is dying, look to overpopulation, but
focus on the politically-correct groups that you lefties include on
the "victim" plantation. They're the ones who're ****ing their brains

- Billy

There are three kinds of men: The ones that learn by reading. The few who
learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence
find out for themselves.
Will Rogers

How about putting that in English instead of neo-speak.
How about some examples. Think you could do that?
I have no problem with ****ing my brains out. Heartily recommend it to

Examples of what, Goron?

You don't believe that it took from the beginning of homo sapiens
until 1950 to reach 3 billion, and then only 49 years to double to 6

If you're aware of that well-known fact, do you think that it's the
white folks who are ****ing their brains out?

You are one sick white-power ****er ain't you?
What are politically-correct groups?
What are lefties?
What "victim" plantation?
Who are ****ing their brains out?
As I said, I'm all in favor of ****ing my brains out but I have access
to condoms and birth control devices that that "The Worst President
Ever" wouldn't allow in Federal health programs.

I'm sorry. You're not talking to one of your neo-nutcake friends. You
are going to have to explain what you mean in plain language. Think you
can do that?

Since you seem to seem to be so incredibly ignorant, I think I'll take
some space to smarten you up some.

August 27, 2000

UV light, skin color linked

Variations due to geography

Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO - Two San Francisco scientists using data from a NASA
satellite say they have discovered why people come in different colors.

Variations in human skin color are the result of adaptations to the
amount of ultraviolet light from the sun falling on different regions of
Earth, according to Nina Jablonski and George Chaplin, scientists with
the California Academy of Science.

People's bodies change their skin color over time to let in just the
right amount of UV light, which is key to having healthy babies.

UV light affects the skin's production of folate, part of the B vitamin
complex, and vitamin D-3, both of which are essential for having healthy

Folate is necessary for the proper development of the nervous system in
fetuses and for sperm production in adult males. Vitamin D-3 helps build
and maintain strong bones and a healthy immune system.

But too much solar UV light can not only cause skin cancer, it can also
damage those chemicals, thereby hurting a person's chances for
reproductive success.

The scientists' finding may also explain why women tend to be
lighter-skinned than men. Lighter skin lets in more solar UV light,
increasing a woman's vitamin D-3 production, which helps the fetus grow
during pregnancy and helps nourish newborns through breast feeding.

UV light from the sun varies from region to region for reasons including
latitude, humidity and cloudiness.
Jablonski and Chaplin's discovery isn't entirely new. For a long time,
scientists have thought there was a correlation between UV light and
skin color, and they knew the light helped produce vitamin D and that it
could cause cancer.

"But this explanation was considered weak by some scientists because
skin cancer has little or no effect on people's ability to reproduce,
which is really the bottom line of every evolutionary spreadsheet,"
Jablonski said.

Jablonski developed the hypothesis that links UV light to reproduction
in 1991. The scientists analyzed published measurements of human skin
color from around the world and data from NASA's Total Ozone Mapping
Spectrometer satellite, which orbited Earth from 1978 to 1993 and
gathered direct UV measurements for the entire globe to find the
correlation between skin color and UV light.

Jablonski and Chaplin found that dark skin acts as a natural sunscreen
to help prevent UV light from breaking down folate, so it is helpful in
areas with a lot of sun. But in less sunny areas, dark skin screens out
too much sunlight, and can inhibit the production of vitamin D-3, so
lighter skin is helpful for reproductive success.

Skin color is based on the level of melanin, an organic molecule with an
undetermined chemical structure. Those with more melanin have darker
skin, and melanin levels are genetic. But the variations in skin color
are adaptations to solar UV light, not biological differences among
people, according to Jablonski and Chaplin.
"We're all the same under the skin," Jablonski said.

If someone is unhappy that this discussion is taking place in their news
group, I will be glad to delete it from my responses. I see rec.gardens
is gone. Who's gonna be next?

WTF I thought we were talkin' raccoons?

- Billy

There are three kinds of men: The ones that learn by reading. The few who
learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence and
find out for themselves.
Will Rogers