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Default Staining Concrete

SteveB wrote:

My concrete guy is MIA. He poured concrete, and stamped half of it. I need
to clean up the job with a power washer, as he got a little fresh on old.
Nothing major, and I've got a MONDO power washer.

My question is: Is staining about 1000 sf of concrete something a diy
newbie can do? We did our family room, with concrete paint, mixing in gold
highlights, then sealed it. It was work, but no big deal. I also want to
seal it, and still have some sealer left, although I'll check with the
concrete supplier before using THAT on THIS job. I can buy from the local
supplier in five gallon buckets.

We want an acceptable job. He was very good, and could have given us a
multicolored job, and it would probably have looked good, but he can't do
dick if he don't call or show up. Damn. People screaming for jobs, and no
one wants to work. What's up with that?

I suspect we'll have to go buy some big rollers, and maybe a few specialty
items, but I don't see it being that big a deal.

What say ye?


Couldn't tell you about the concrete work, but don't automatically get
mad at the MIA guy. I was once working on a project (remote) with a guy
a couple states away and I couldn't get in touch with him to continue
the project for a couple weeks. I finally got someone else in the area
and promptly found out that the guy I had been working with was dead

**** happens after all...