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Default Neighbor Draining Roof onto My Property

Oren wrote:

If my neighbor sicced the authorities on me for some piddly drainage
issue, I'd hit the sonofabitch so hard his mother would die.

And how many times would you do it to him before he would be
justified in escalating?

Don't you think after the first time he should know better?

Does he have two black-eyes?


*I* have two black eyes!

I had lower blepharoplasty done last week. But I want to tell you about the
surgeon's office.

His waiting room had a 25' round ceiling, painted sky blue with cherubs and
angles flitting about. The ceiling was ringed with TWENTY 4-foot crystal
chandeliers. His consulting room was about 15x20 foot, one side completely
mirrored, there were were two life-size semi-nude statutes, brocade on the
opposite wall and on the ceiling, another chandelier. He sat at a
gold-filigreed table with curved legs while I sat in a chair of French
revolution heritage. The whole thing looked like the anteroom to Marie
Antonette's boudoir.

The rest of the office was filled with crystal, giant tapestries,
ostentatiously framed oil paintings, marble floors, gold doorknobs, the

When I left, I immediately went to the only tree in the parking lot and peed
on it - I just had to do something manly.

I did ask the surgeon, in passing, what it was like to work in an office of
beautiful women, or women who would shortly be beautiful. His response: "You
ever hear a woman go on about her hairdresser? Same thing. They are seldom
completely pleased."

I responded: "It's not just that. I was married once. Same thing."

Sorry for the digression, but I just had to get this off my chest (I've
already pulled out all the hair!).