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Default Neighbor Draining Roof onto My Property

"Perry Aynum" wrote in message

Cold you explain what you mean by "drainage easement"?

I image the codes vary a bit from state to state depending on ground
conditions and other factors. Here in our newer developments it is a part
of plat approval that homeowners will not alter the natural path of water
after the landscape engineering plan is approved by the planning commission.

To wit: water runs down hill to a proper catch basin and is slowly released
to the natural streams. Building a berm of some sort that blocks the
natural / structured flow of the water would be a code violation.

I personally think your neighbor is a butt to do this but the old saying
that about flies and honey is true. I would discuss it with him first.

I do doubt that it will hurt your shed unless it is creating a bog which
would mean you other problems on the down hill side of your shed.