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Default Neighbor Draining Roof onto My Property

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"Perry Aynum" wrote:

Before you follow the advice of other posters and call code enforcement,
make sure your own house is in order. Did you get the proper permits for
the shed? Did you alter the natural drainage patterns with the shed
most places with codes)?

Did you put the shed in a drainage easement. My property for instance
has a 20 foot drainage easement in the back yard that is easily
overlooked if you don't think about it.

Cold you explain what you mean by "drainage easement"?

An easement for drainage (g). It is an area in back of my house that
basically contains the drainage swale and some extra. The developer put
in these easements for drainage where you can't put anything that would
impede drainage. Can't even run my fence in there because stuff floating
by might get caught and do the impeding.

To answer the other question - yes, I pulled a permit for the shed and it
is compliant.

Then that is probably not a concern.

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