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Default "treated" wood

On 2009-03-19, Lee Michaels wrote:

Yep, that is what the old framers square is for. I wonder if very many
folks these days know how to mark and cut some steps the old fashioned way?
It wasn't long ago that this was a common skill.

I jes bought a new framing square. My late brother, a master carpenter,
didn't have one in his estate, that I could find. I got those little
framing square stops one attaches to keep a repeatable measurement. I will
be cutting the stringers with smaller than usual rise cuz mom, at 81, is
becoming limited in leg strength. I'm no carpenter, but as a machinist am
more than familiar with measuring.

Honestly, I'm enjoying the heck outta learning woodworking. I also like
this newsgroup. Seems to have a nice ambience with lottsa folks willing to
help a newb like me.