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On Sun, 15 Mar 2009 21:44:16 -0500, Mike Paulsen

The box stores sell pre-cut three or four step treated stringers. It
might be cheaper and easier going that route.

The only problem I've found with those is that they never match what
I've needed for any particular application. They always seem to
require adjusting the rise of at least one of the steps to match the
required height. I don't like steps, even if there's only two of them,
that don't have equal rise and run for each step.

I've always found it very simple and easy to design and lay out the
steps on a 2x using the formula "2 x Rise + Run = 26 to 28 inches".
Makes for a set of comfortable steps which can be made to fit most any
location and have equal rise and run for each step.

Tom Veatch
Wichita, KS