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notbob wrote:
On 2009-03-17, -MIKE- wrote:

Wow, there are so many errors in the first slide, there's no way I can
watch all 12.

I'd be more than happy to listen to any corrective info. Otherwise, the
original site is more helpful than you.


Just off the top of my head.
1. The animated illustration shows dimension lines for the vertical
rise, which go between the TOP of one tread to the BOTTOM of the tread
above it, instead of top to top.
2. It shows dimension lines for the vertical drop going from the ground
to the BOTTOM of the top tread, instead of the top (again).
3. The first step (from ground to tread) has a rise almost twice as high
as the rest. (I would guess, at least 10:6)

If there are so blatant of errors in such critical and elementary
aspects of stair construction on the very first frame of an expert
tutorial, how could one trust (or recommend) anything else on the site?

Was that helpful? :-)



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