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Default "treated" wood

On 2009-03-16, dpb wrote:

Where might that be out of curiousity? We're not far from one part of
about the most rural CO there is...

Nathrop CO, right next to Cowbell Corners and Johnsonwidespot. (actully,
Salida and BuenaVista).

Buy one for the pattern for the others as a newbie would be a thought.

Might be a good idea if vert rise/drop and span and run are the same. I
found a neat website:

I concur w/ the other posters that suggested the support above the
ground for longevity.

Will do that. Have half dozen spare red flat stones, about 8"x10"x1-1/2",
that form loose stone patio at bottom of steps. I don't know why the
original builder didn't use them on base of stringers.