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Default "treated" wood

On Sun, 15 Mar 2009 22:09:58 GMT, notbob wrote:

I need to replace the stringers in a 3 step (not including top deck step).
This is mainly due to the fact they are rotting and falling apart. I've
talked to one of my lumber suppliers (no box stores like Home Depot or
Lowe's) and they recommended "treated" wood.

Treated wood will work fine and last a while. While "ground contact"
treated material is supposed to last, it will still rot after some
time when contacting the ground. You might consider setting the
stringers on some concrete or a partially burried 1/2 cinderblock or
anything to help them stay more dry.
Also, if you use scews, make sure you use the coated screws made for
the treated material. The lumber yard will have them.

Mike O.