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Default Sources for LCD Inverter repair tutorials?

Thanks to all for your input! The monitors are mine, and I thought
this might be a good learning experience to attempt a fix since
flat-screens are everywhere these days.

I found an LCD repair supply company ( that makes a
redesigned inverter for at least one of these monitors--at about $130
a pop. THese would certainly be cheaper and less expensive to acquire
than an original Apple unit.

I've got a smaller project I'll attampt first: a Brookstone 7" digital
picture frame (no OEM info available, unfortunately) whose backlights
blink on and off about once per second. As far as I can tell the main
CPU module works well as it loads and displays the pics off a memory
card just fine.

On Fri, 05 Dec 2008 10:18:23 -0500, prc1

I have a couple of LCD monitors (Apple 21" and 23" Cinema displays,
Hitachi 17") that have bad inverters. I know these things vary widely
in design, but I wonder if there's a good site/sites that teach about
how inverters work and how to troubleshoot and repair them?
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