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Default Where to buy a plug in transformer

iws wrote:
I've ordered from allelectronics many times - their stuff is decent but
typically new surplus of some kind. Jameco also has a 14V wall wart (1A
though) &

That may be enough. It's never clear exactly what 20VA is. It could be
14 Watts with no trouble, it could be 20 Watts before it melts down,
and it could be 14 or 20 Watts total power drawn including loss in the
core of the transformer, etc.

Here 230-120 volt conversion transformers are sold in peak VA, but it is
sold as if it were Watts (the same thing with UPS's). So a 100 "Watt" (VA)
transformer is really good for 70Watts and only for a few microseconds.
It's really only useable for about 50 Watts.

So my GUESS is that if really does output 14V at a maximum current of 1A,
it's really better than a 20VA unit.


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