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Default Two Faucets in Shower? Still Legal?

"Blattus Slafaly" wrote in message
We are remodeling our bathroom and I want the "old fashioned" two
faucets: one for hot and the other for cold.

Both the plumber and the plumbing supply company say that two faucets
have been declared illegal and that we must, by law, use the one
faucet (for both hot and cold) in the shower. They say that the
legislature mandated one faucet in case someone flushed the toilet and
somebody else is taking a shower.

Only my wife (of 30 years) and I live at home and, duh, we know when
the other is showering or using the toilet. We knock on the wall or
simply ask, "may I flush?"

Yes, I have used the one faucet shower (e.g., hotels) and have a
strong preference for the two faucet shower.

Now, is it really true that some legislature has actually outlawed two
faucets in a shower?

If so, which legistature (e.g., federal, state, county)? I need to
see this in writing.

P.S. I can understand mandating safe electricity practices, of course,
but faucets in a shower?


I'd tell the legislature to go pound sand. I hate single controls for
showers, You can't control the pressure or volume. It's both wide open
all the time. Only a **** head would invent something like that.

Blattus Slafaly ? 3 7/8

What kind of single control are you using? My 30 year old cheapo Delta lets
me control both pressure and volume, and I can control the water temp with
it too! I have a double faucet shower in my basement 'mudroom' and I'll
have to say I like the single better. I like LOTS of water (pressure and
volume) and when I want to turn the temp down I invariably find that which
ever one I turn is all ready at the max - turn the hot down and it was
already nearly off. Turn the cold up and it was already at the max. Single
control lets me turn the one knob and get the desired results....