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Default Two Faucets in Shower? Still Legal?

On 9/8/2008 12:13 AM spake thus:

We are remodeling our bathroom and I want the "old fashioned" two
faucets: one for hot and the other for cold.

Both the plumber and the plumbing supply company say that two faucets
have been declared illegal and that we must, by law, use the one
faucet (for both hot and cold) in the shower. They say that the
legislature mandated one faucet in case someone flushed the toilet and
somebody else is taking a shower.

Don't know for sure (IANAP[1]), but this one sure smells like BS to me.

Think about it: there's nothing about a single-handle control that's
going to control temperature in case someone flushes a toilet any better
than two faucets (assuming no tempering valve, auto temperature control,
etc.). So nothing inherently safer or less safe either way.

Now, is it really true that some legislature has actually outlawed two
faucets in a shower?

If so, which legistature (e.g., federal, state, county)? I need to
see this in writing.

Codes are written and enforced at the local (i.e., municipal or county)
level. There do exist national codes, but the local building inspector
is the one who has the final say-so.

[1] I am not a plumber.

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