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Default Resurfacing an asphalt driveway

(Dick Adams) wrote:

if resurfacing it myself is practical.

Yes, you can buy the sealer and other supplies
at any of the home center stores. The sealer
will make the driveway look better and may help
extend it's life. However, if the driveway has
real underlying problems, is old, deteriortated,
etc, it isn't going to solve that.

Particularly if you're in area where freeze/thaw
cycles are problem, holes and cracks are the
beginning of the failure points. There are also
patching products depending on the size/nature
of such defects you may want to take the time to
fix first.

1. I am in the Land of the damnyankee snow (USDA 8a)
2. There is a 3" wide x 1/2" deep hole.
3. There are several long thin cracks.
4. There is a 2' piece of the driveway that has
given in on the edge where the land slopes.

The piece that has given in is not cracked or shredded.
I plan to create a curb for it with a 2x6 as someone
suggested in an earlier thread.

I hope to close on the sale of this house in June of
2009 and return to the Promised Land of North Carolina.