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I have to build a small section of wooden fence. I need to plant two
posts into concrete, I've never done this before. Do they go directly
into the concrete? or do you put some kind of mounting hardware in the
concrete then attach them to that? If they go directly into the
concrete, then how many inches should be underground ? thanks

Rule of thumb is 1/3rd the post is in the ground so the total post
length is 4-thirds the height of the fence.

Most who do the concrete around the post thing do just dump it in around
the post. I personally don't much like the "concrete around the post"
way except for a corner post that may really need additional lateral
support and where there isn't ample room for adequate bracing, but
that's me.

One can also simply use quikrete ready-mix to pack the whole and let it
set up w/ ground water as a simple expedient compared to mixing it.
Somewhat easier to retain the position and achieve plumb that way as
don't need bracing while the mix cures.