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On Apr 16, 11:48*am, "Joseph Meehan"
* * I suggest contacting your state insurance oversight authority and see
what they say. * Keep in mind your roof is at or close to the end of its
useful life (15 years?) * You also may want to contact your local agent.

* * How long have you been insured with Allstate? * Was your roof the only
one in the area damaged?

* * Have you looked carefully at the coverage document to see if what they
are saying is not consistent with what you find there?

I agree. I'd examine the policy and see exactly what it says. It
would seem very unusual for there to be exclusions for something not
up to current code. That would mean the instant the code changed, you
would no longer have coverage. And who could expect a homeowner to
even know what the current code is?

But also key is the overall condition of the roof at 15 years, how
high the wind was, were other homes damaged, etc. We also don't know
how extensive the damage is. Unless it's extensive, the insurance
company is probably only responsible to repair the damaged sections.

If the policy doesn't have any exclusion and the facts support your
case, next steps are state regulatory agency and then possibly small
claims court.

"Frank" wrote in message


Beware Allstate. *My house was built in 1993 and met all building
codes at that time. *Now I have wind damage and they will not cover
damage because the roof is not up to current code. *We are simply
talking about the nailing strip on a single and its relationship with
the glue strip. *I've had several roofers tell me that this is the way
roofs were put on at the time and the code has changed since. *If this
is allowed then I'm not sure it pays to have insurance. I'm putting on
a new roof out of my pocket and leaving Allstate and will never return.

Joseph Meehan

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