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Default Clean My Elec Stove?

On Tue, 08 Apr 2008 13:51:26 GMT, gecko wrote:
I have a GE glass-top electric stove with a microwave and exhaust fan
above it. It is getting as dirty as blazes all around the controls
and dials, I imagine from cooking spatters and my grimy hands. Anyway,
what would you people recommend to clean up this stuff? I have tried
a few detergents and even alcohol, but nothing seems to work very
well, if at all.

RTFM to see what is safe to use. Visit the GE site if you don't have a copy.
A plastic scrubber and 409 should be safe. However, 409 may contain bleach
which may remove the stove's labeling. Or you may be able to use oven
cleaner. You have to RTFM.

Once you get the accumulated crap off, you have to make it a habit to wipe the
splatter off every time you use the stove. Its a thousand times easier to
wipe the splatter off before it dries up and petrifies. Think about using
lids or screens to contain the splatter.